A4 Presentation Folders Printing – Where To Place Your Logo

A4 presentation folder printing presents a lot of benefits, from being more organised to boosting brand image. Nevertheless, there is certainly a lot to think about before you can give your request to your chosen presentation folder printing company. One thing that needs some deliberation is where to place your logo. We’ve got some tips for you below.

There is no right or wrong solution when it comes to logo placement. It all depends on the type of business you have and the look you are trying to achieve. For example, if you work in a creative industry - let’s say you run a media firm - you will probably want your presentation folder to appear a bit more dynamic. Because of this, your logo could take the backseat in favour of your mission statement or an impressive graphic. However, for professional services businesses, such as finance companies and legal firms, it may be important to have your logo take centre stage. Thus, you will want to place it in a prominent area and team it with a sleek and simplistic design. You also need to consider logo placement in terms of maximum exposure. It is a good idea to place the logo somewhere that is not going to be covered when the individual holds the folder. This is why the top right corners is often a good option. You can also include your logo on the back and in the interior as well. That way, it is always visible.

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