Baby Announcement Cards - Celebrate In Style

Baby announcement cards are a touching way to let all of your family and friends know about the new addition to your family. Ringing around every member of the family, not to mention your friends and work colleagues is a tiring and time consuming activity at the best of times; with a newborn it could be nearly impossible. Not only that, but you are bound to forget someone important, only for them to hear the news from a third party. With online printing, you can cherish the momentous occasion and ensure that everyone is properly informed at the same time.

Consider Celebrating With Online Printing

Pregnancy is not necessarily the easiest of times, and carrying a growing child for nine months is by no means an easy feat. Immediately after the pregnancy, you’re often extremely tired from being in labour for hours, but it is all worth it when you meet your newborn child and get to take them home with you. However, getting to this stage has probably involved a great deal of work and meticulous planning; from organising and decorating the spare room to transform it into a baby-friendly bedroom, to baby proofing the entire house. Then there is buying appropriate toys and clothes, and of course the all-important buggy. So while this whole process has been detail orientated and complex, designing and creating an announcement card is an easy and enjoyable endeavour in comparison. What better way to let everyone know of your family’s latest addition than to give everyone a personalised baby announcement card that you have designed yourself online? The process is as simple as you want it to be, with template designs that you can edit to fit birth announcement card needs or postcard printing. When creating your card, you are in the driving seat at every stage. As well as choosing the picture or design, you get to choose exactly what is written on the card. Whether you’re writing an introduction for your new child written from the point of view as parents or from the child’s saying that he or she can’t wait to meet the family, you have complete creative control.

When To Send Your Baby Cards To Print

Baby cards do not just have to be about announcing the birth of your child. They can be used for a multitude of different reasons, from baby shower invitations to Christening invites. But, when should you send your cards to print? Well, this depends greatly on the purpose of your cards. While most expectant mothers will not want to plan too far ahead, you will want to leave yourself enough time for your baby shower invitation cards to arrive, before the baby does. You may want to have your baby announcement cards ready for when the baby is due, so that there is as little delay as possible between the baby being born and the cards arriving. Whether you choose to create your card before or after the birth, creating your baby cards to print digitally means that there is no time limit on when the card has to be made by. However, you should always ensure that you leave enough time for the cards to arrive, particularly if they are to be used as invitations for a specific event. Additionally, by choosing to make the cards online, it ensures that the process is a lot more streamlined. However, this only remains true if you use an experienced company who understand digital print. So if you want to order your own personalised cards then visit one of the world’s leading design printing companies – LeiroPrint. The team at LeiroPrint have years of printing experience and can help you along the way to making a beautiful printed card from a pre-established template.

Great Assortment Of Baby Announcement Cards At LeiroPrint

You may have not tried your hand at ordering online printing services before. But here at LeiroPrint, we aim to help you along every step of the way especially if the material is in relation to a sensitive subject such as baby announcement cards. For years, we’ve been helping people enjoy momentous occasions in their life and we’d love to help you too. Browse our straightforward website at to see if there are any card designs you’re interested in, and we can take it from there. We look forward to hearing from you.