Baby Shower Greeting Card – Baby Shower To Do List

Baby shower greeting card and baby announcement cards design is just one of the things on your to-do list before the special event. Whether you are the mother-to-be or you are in charge of your loved one’s baby shower, there is a lot that needs to be done. Read on for our baby shower to-do list.

You need to start planning the baby shower about two months before the event and online printing of cards. During this time, you should set a date and choose a venue. You will also have to make a guest list of all of the people you are going to invite. Are you going to keep it traditional and only invite females? Alternatively, will you throw a couples shower or invite children too? You then need to send invites to all of your guests. Make sure you put an ‘RSVP’ date on there, as you will want to know if anyone is not going to attend. Knowing at least approximate numbers means you won’t spend an unnecessary amount of money on catering and the like. As the baby shower gets closer, around three to four weeks beforehand, you should start planning the menu. You may have chosen a venue that does this for you, or you may want to put on a tea party or finger buffet yourself. You will also need to order decorations. Colours will depend on whether you are having a boy or a girl, if you know the sex of the baby. You should also plan some different games for people to play and arrange prizes for the winners. Finally, why not consider ordering baby shower favours as a parting gift for all attendees?

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