Baby Shower Invitation Cards – The Full Guide

Baby shower invitation cards and baby announcement cards are a must if you are planning to host this type of an event. The ‘baby shower’ is growing in popularity in the UK. It is an event that the mother, her family and friends all look forward to. But when should you send a baby shower invitation? And, whom should you invite?

It is a good idea to send out your invitations around four to six weeks before the event. This will give people enough notice, but it also makes sure you don’t send the invitation too early so that they forget about it! You should also include a date by which your guests should RSVP. Follow up on the invitations if you do not hear back, as you don’t want to spend extra money on catering and such like for people who are not going to attend. A lot of people elect to send baby shower invites via email nowadays. But it’s much better to go for the traditional approach of sending a physical invitation. This will make all of the guests feel special. This leads onto the next part perfectly, whom should you actually invite to a baby shower? Most people tend to have an intimate event, meaning they invite their closest female friends and family members. It’s commonplace for games to occur, including quizzes about the mother, which can be a bit awkward if you have people there whom you don’t know very well. Remember, it should not be news to any invited guest that you are expecting!

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