Design And Print Brochures – Pitfalls To Avoid

Design and print brochures effectively and you can expect to reap the rewards of an enhanced brand image, increased interest and more sales, ultimately leading to a boost in profit levels. If you are to achieve all of this, you will need to avoid the common pitfalls in design and brochure printing that are mentioned below.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of business owners make is trying to include everything their company does in the one brochure. Instead, you need to have a single objective, and this will provide you with a clear vision. Simply including a laundry list of everything you do is a massive error. A lot of people also make the error of creating a brochure with no end use in mind. What do you intend to use the brochure for? Is it a tool for your sales people? Is it going to be to educate prospects about the products you offer? Another blunder is attempting to design the brochure yourself when you have no experience in design. It is understandable why you would take this approach; professional graphic artists can be expensive. Nevertheless, there are other options available – you could choose a online printing company that has ready-made templates for you to customise, for example. Another error is failing to include customer testimonials. These can boost the effectiveness of your brochure by as much as 75 per cent, and this is because they provide validation of your message.

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