Double Sided Letterhead Printing – An Option Worth Considering

Double sided letterhead printing is an option that is definitely worth thinking about if you are looking to invest in custom letterhead printing for your business. Some people think that it is unnecessary to print both sides when it comes to letterheads, but this definitely is not the case. Discover more below.

Using the majority of the space that is available to us is not something that is just emerging when it comes to letterhead design. It is a noticeable trend across all printed materials, including business cards and more. But, why should you consider this for letterheads in particular? Surely you only need to put your details and such like on the front? There are actually several benefits associated with the double sided approach. Firstly, it gives you the ability to use both sides of the paper when you are sending a letter to someone. This is extremely important when you consider that most businesses have an environmental policy in place promising to reduce paper waste and such like. If you do not have both pages printed, you will be tempted to grab another letterhead once you have used a page, as you won’t want your professionalism to suffer by essentially writing on a piece of blank paper. Plus, double the pages, double the results. This helps to further reinforce your brand image, as the recipient will be met with your details and logo no matter what side they are looking at.

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