LeiroPrint’s frequently asked questions


What if I need help whilst visiting the store?

You can view the short video on the home page which will explain how easy it is to use the store to complete your designs and order your print products. Alternatively, we will be pleased to discuss any questions you may have and our Customer Care team is available during the following hours: 09:00-18:00 GMT Monday to Friday

If you have a query outside of these hours please email us at or call us on the Freephone telephone number below, leave a message and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.
Freephone Customer Care Number: 0800 152 2716

How do I create an account?

Click on the "My Account" button at the top of the home page. You will be asked for your name, email address and a password. By creating an account you are able to save any designs that you create on the site so that you can edit them at a later date. Your username will be the email address that you register with.

If I design something on the site do I have to buy it?

No. You can create as many products as you like on the store and save them; or you can send them on to a colleague for review at a later date without having to buy anything. By registering on the site, you set yourself up with a secure account that you can access at any time to review any products you have created or bought.

Will LeiroPrint print my finished design for me?

Definitely. Once you have your finished design, you can select the quantity and complete the purchase with our express checkout option.

Where can I get pricing and delivery costs?

Once you have selected a product and a quantity you will be able to see a price. The price quoted is exclusive of VAT.

What payment options are there?

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

What quantities do you provide?

Once you have selected a product, you will find details of the standard quantity options available on each of the landing pages. All you need to do is select your product and view the quantities. If you want a different quantity or material, we can supply it. Please contact our Customer Care team who will advise on alternative quantities, materials and cost options. The Customer Care team are available during the following hours: 09:00-18:00 GMT Monday to Friday

If you have a query outside of these hours please email us at or call us on the Freephone telephone number below, leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.
Freephone Customer Care Number: 0800 152 2716

How do I find the size of your products?

Once you select your design you will be brought to the details page where the sizes and product information is available. Sizes and dimensions for each available product appear on this page.


How does this work?

Step 1: Choose your product from the available list
Step 2: Select the size of the product (e.g. A4, A5 etc.)
Step 3: Choose from the list of Industries and Business Types to restrict your search to look for designs created specifically for your business type.
Step 4: Browse the designs available in your selection – find the one that works for you and click on "Personalise".
Step 5: Start personalising your design – change the font, font size, colour, text, add a text box, add images, upload an image or logo, or quickly create a new one with our Logo Builder.

How do I find content relevant to my business?

From the Home page, select the product that you wish to create and then choose your Industry and Business Type to get a selection of more relevant content.

What if I can’t find my business type or industry?

You can choose from one of the available design options to find the most suitable design for copy editing and updating the images using our extensive stock photography library which contains thousands of stock images. This way you can quickly tailor an existing design specifically to the personality of your business.

Additionally, within every product and size option, we also offer simpler Design Templates which have less text copy and images. These templates contain all of the product detail and personalization tools, whilst offering more of a "blank canvas" for uploading your own text and images. You can also select new high quality images from our stock photographic library to create totally unique designs for your business type.

We would also love to hear about any suggestions you may have for your new business types so please send an email to with your suggestion and we will do our best to get this included in the next store update.

What if I can’t find the product I’m looking for?

You can choose from over 60 of the most popular business print products available on our store in all of the most popular print sizes. We also stock a wide range of exhibition products and other wide format options such as pull-up banner displays for indoor and outdoor use. Why not call our Freephone number 0800 152 2716 between 9.00 to 6.00 pm and we will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

How do I start designing a brochure or any other print products?

After you have chosen the product you want, click on the "Personalise" button to begin personalising your design. You have many options available to you during the personalisation process:

1. Upload your own logo or create a new one using the easy to use Create a Logo software
2. Change or delete the professionally written copy throughout your design
3. Add a text box to include additional copy
4. Change the font and font size
5. Upload your own images or choose from our library of thousands of stock images
6. Change the colour palette of the design
7. Upload additional logos or images by selecting New Image
8. Add a call to action to promote that special deal or closing date

If you need any help during the personalisation of your chosen design, then you can either watch the explainer video on the home page or contact one of our Customer Care team who will be happy to help you create your perfect print product.

Can I change the layout of a LeiroPrint design?

Yes. You can change the various elements such as the copy, text, font, images, logo, background colours etc. You can also download your LeiroPrint product as an Adobe InDesign template if you wish to edit it outside of the LeiroPrint store. LeiroPrint requires Adobe InDesign version CS4 or higher.

Each document comes with pre-written copy. Can I change this?

Yes. You can change all of the copy including the headlines. At the very least, you will need to add in your own business name, address and website details.

Can I reduce the font size or increase the text box to allow for additional text?

Yes you can. You have both the option of increasing / decreasing the font size or increasing / decreasing the text box. This will then give you the freedom to add in as little or as much text as you require (depending on the availability of space of course). There is also the option to create additional text boxes if required.

Why can’t I copy and paste text into my design?

You can. Simply copy your text by highlighting the text you want to copy and then hit Ctrl and C together, then Ctrl and V together to paste your selected text.

Why can"t I get the @ or " or £ signs to work?

You probably just need to update your browser. The 4 most commonly used internet browsers are (check the icon you use to click to log onto the internet):

1. Internet Explorer by Microsoft – suitable for Windows users
2. Firefox by Mozilla – suitable for Linux, Mac and Windows users
3. Chrome by Google – suitable for Mac and Linux users
4. Safari by Apple – suitable for Mac and Windows users

However, we do not support older versions of each of these browsers so if you are experiencing problems with the site or if you need help checking your browser and installing a new version, then you can contact one of our Customer Care team who will be happy to help you.

How do I get rid of the red lines under my text?

Words that are incorrectly spelt will be underlined in red. Once you click on the word in question, a "Suggested Spellings" box will pop up providing options for the misspelt word. If however, you are happy with the spelling as it is, you can be assured that the red markings will not appear on your finished design.

Can I upload any image or do you check this?

You can only upload material that you have permission to use and we reserve the right to request proof of this in the event of any claim. Furthermore, if any third party rights are infringed due to your submissions, you are responsible for all costs and damages owed to the injured party.

Why can’t I get my image to upload?

For Mac users - try uploading the image directly from your desktop.

How can I upload any files, like my pictures or logo from my computer?

Click on the image you wish to replace from within your design; click "Change Image" and then "Upload" from the options provided to select the image that you want to use on your computer and upload it. Then change its scale and size as you wish. A logo can be uploaded by clicking on the logo box and following the instructions to either Create or Upload a logo. To upload a logo, you then find the logo file on your own computer and click Select.

Can I change the colour of designs?

Yes, you can choose from 70 colour palettes. Simply click on "Change Colours" on the tool bar found on the right hand side of your "Personalisation" screen, select the key colour you like (from the colours displayed on the circles palette) and then choose the version of the horizontal colour palette that best suits your design.

Why can’t the colour palette change everything?

Our designers have pre-tagged the elements of each design that can be changed in colour and only these will be changed when you choose your colour palette.

Can I input my own colour palette code?

No. We"ve carefully put together colour themes that work so that you don’t have to. And our 70 combinations give great flexibility to your design.

Can I use a QR Code?

QR codes can be added to any product by either replacing an image with your QR code or uploading the QR code as an image by selecting "New Image". See this link for guidance http://blog.qr4.nl/page/qr-code-size.aspx

Are there any requirements for QR codes?

QR codes should be a minimum of 3 cm by 3 cm or 1.2" by 1.2" and a minimum of 300 dpi to ensure a clear printing finish. See this link for guidance http://blog.qr4.nl/page/qr-code-size.aspx

What if my photos or logos are low quality?

If a photo that you upload is low resolution, a warning appears suggesting you replace it with a higher resolution one. However, if you still want to use the low resolution photo, you must agree to a disclaimer.

The resolution of images is based on the size of the file. So when you stretch this file to fit into larger areas the resolution can be reduced. For example; if you upload an image that’s the size of a postage stamp into a 6 foot wide banner design, your image may be 300dpi when it is the size of a postage stamp but as you are stretching your image to fit a 6 foot wide banner layout, it will lower the quality of the image and therefore the quality of the finished printed product.

Can I upload my own design and just print it with you?

Yes. You can upload your own artwork at any time by using this link https://leiroprint.co.uk/file-upload). Our Customer Care team will check that your artwork is "print ready" and contact you to discuss your requirements.

Will my design be saved so that I can work on it later?

Absolutely, but you will need to register first. Any product or logo that you design will be securely saved in "My Designs", complete with any modifications you"ve made. So you can come back and print your designs whenever it suits you!

If I make a spelling error, can LeiroPrint make a correction and output a new PDF?

Printed files:
Once you finalise and complete your print order there will not be an opportunity to amend your design or order because the orders are processed straight into print.
A correction cannot be made on logos that have been purchased and downloaded (JPG or EPS files).

I’m having issues paying for my order, what can I do?

We would recommend you check you are using one of the payment options we currently offer, e.g. Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro

I have a promotional coupon, how can I use this?

Once you have placed your order in your cart you can proceed to checkout, in your Order Summary page you will see a PROMO box at the bottom left hand corner, please enter your code here and hit "Apply".


Can I create my own logo?

Sure. You can easily create a new logo at any time. Just select the "Create a Logo" button on the toolbar on the Home page.

When I create a logo, is there a charge?

There’s no charge whatsoever for creating and using a logo in a LeiroPrint design – or for downloading a low-resolution logo (for basic online and email use) – it’s all part of the FREE LeiroPrint experience. However, if you"d like to use the logo outside of LeiroPrint, you have the option of ordering from two versions of JPEG format logos or alternatively, you can order a licensed version in Adobe Illustrator EPS format. This is a common file format for logos. Any font used as part of the logo can also be licensed.

If I create and purchase a logo on LeiroPrint what type of file do I get?

LeiroPrint offers you the choice of a free low resolution JPEG, a medium and a high resolution JPEG or an EPS file. If you need a transparent background – i.e. for use on other marketing materials we recommend you select the EPS logo to ensure the best result.

Can I upload more than one logo?

Yes, you have the option to upload or create a logo during personalization. You can upload a graphic/image by selecting "New Image" on the toolbar situated on the right hand side of your screen. So if you need to upload multiple logos you can use this function to do that. Where a logo is prepopulated, you can change it by simply clicking on the logo in question and choosing "Create Logo" or "Upload" from the options provided.

If I don’t want a logo to appear in a particular place, how can I remove it so I can replace it with my own design and position it elsewhere?

When you click on the "Your Logo" box provided, there is an option to delete the Logo and this is represented as a "trash can". You can then upload your Logo by selecting "New Image" and place this anywhere on your design.

I don’t want the background on my logo to appear?

To add a logo with a transparent background to the site you will need to upload an EPS vector file that does not contain a background. If you do not have this then you should be able to request this from the person who supplied you with the original logo file. Alternatively, you can create an EPS logo from the LeiroPrint store that will not contain a background.

Why is my JPEG logo getting the error message "low resolution" when I was told it is 300 dpi?

This is probably because the JPEG file is being stretched to a size larger than it was intended for and is therefore pixelating, which means that this will not print very well on your design. Do you have this logo in EPS format? Or can you get this logo in EPS format from the person who created it for you?

Will an EPS logo open with Windows or Macintosh?

EPS files will open on both Windows and Macintosh computers. However, you may need to install software on Windows PCs to view your logo.

What software do I need to see an EPS logo?

All commercial drawing and desktop publishing programs, such as CorelDRAW® or Adobe® Illustrator® (a free trial can be downloaded from https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/illustrator), QuarkXPress™, Deneba Canvas™, Adobe® PageMaker®, Macromedia FreeHand, can be used to view these logos. Also, if your software can import EPS files (*.eps) for example Adobe® Photoshop® you should be able to view your EPS logo. Finally, they can also be opened in most vinyl cutting software like SignLab and SignMate.

I can’t open my EPS logo, what should I do?

To be able to view EPS logos you will need software such as Adobe Illustrator - a free trial can be downloaded from https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/illustrator


In what formats do LeiroPrint supply finished designs?

We supply you with the choice of:
1. Commercial PDF (print-ready including crop/cutting marks and a 3 mm bleed all around)
2. Home printing PDF (no crop/cutting marks shown)
3. Adobe InDesign file formats – to open and use this file you will need Adobe InDesign software and you will need to purchase fonts from Adobe or another third party font supplier. Adobe InDesign is software used by designers and graphic artists who work in print. By downloading your finished piece as a Adobe InDesign file, you can edit your design yourself afterwards if you have the software (LeiroPrint requires Adobe InDesign version CS4 or higher). These are industry standard formats.

What is a PDF?

A PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It’s a format you"ll need to give to a printer or publication to ensure high quality printing. You can view them in Adobe Reader or Preview on a Mac. We provide 2 options for PDF files:
• Commercial (print-ready including crop/cutting marks and a 3 mm bleed)
• Home Printing (no crop/cutting marks shown)

What does JPEG stand for?

JPEG is a commonly used method of compression for photographic images. The name JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, the name of the committee that created the standard.

What does EPS stand for?

EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. It is a versatile vector format, which instead of saving the image pixel by pixel (as raster bitmaps e.g. jpg and gif files), it saves it as lines and curves. Thus the logos provided in this format are infinitely scalable and editable line by line. To be able to view EPS logos you will need software such as Adobe Illustrator – a free trial can be downloaded from https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/illustrator

What is the difference between JPEG and EPS files?

A JPEG logo is a bitmap file and as such they have a fixed resolution and will pixelate when the resolution does not support the print size. EPS logos are vector art and are completely scalable to any size without pixelating. Therefore, an EPS logo will usually provide a better finish when producing print products.

What is an Adobe InDesign file?

Adobe InDesign is software used by designers and graphic artists who work in print. By downloading your finished piece as an Adobe InDesign file, you can edit your design yourself afterwards if you have the software (LeiroPrint requires Adobe InDesign version CS4 or higher).

What are JPEG, TIFF and EPS formats?

These are all common formats for image files and it’s likely your logo will exist as one of these. JPEG is probably the most widely used image format. You usually know the file type by the extension after the dot, for example .jpg is a JPEG.

What formats will I receive my final design in?

Designs will be received in print-ready PDF format or as an Adobe Indesign file. All templates downloaded will be in Adobe InDesign format (LeiroPrint requires Adobe InDesign version CS4 or higher).

What is an Adobe InDesign download and what does this include?

An Adobe InDesign download will give you access to your new LeiroPrint product as an Adobe InDesign file (see "What is an Abobe InDesign file?" above). An Adobe InDesign file includes an editable file format, logo, graphics and the option to license the fonts and images used in your design. You"ll only need it if you want to revisit the design outside of LeiroPrint.

What is WinZip? How do I download WinZip to my computer?

WinZip is the world’s leading utility for file compression, encryption, packaging, and data backup. The LeiroPrint designs and associated files which you"ve licensed are downloaded in a zip file. You may require WinZip to open your Adobe InDesign file or design PDF http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm

Can I edit the high resolution PDF?

Your final output print-ready PDFs are not editable; their job is to transfer your exact design details in a secure format so you can obtain great printing results. LeiroPrint’s license also means that the individual elements cannot be re-used outside of the document. This is because the copyright on some parts, like fonts and images are held separately. Alternatively, if you output an Adobe InDesign template, it can be edited if you own the Adobe InDesign application (LeiroPrint requires Adobe InDesign version CS4 or higher).

Can I get a low resolution PDF Proof without committing?

Yes, you can download a low-resolution PDF file by selecting "Download Preview" at the approval stage. You should use this for proofing your final design and printing it to the actual size of the finished product (if possible) to check the layout. This proof carries a watermark throughout the PDF but this will not prevent you from ensuring you are happy with the content of your design.

Can I upload my own photographs and logos?

Yes, you can – in JPEG, TIFF and EPS formats. Every digital asset (such as a logo or an image) that is uploaded is automatically stored in "My Designs" along with every design you have created on LeiroPrint

Where would I look for my logo in that format?

Generally this is the format which a designer or printer who created your logo would have provided lot you. So if you can’t find a copy of it on your computer, simply ask for it from whoever designed it. It’s yours after all. You can also design a new logo in our LeiroPrint Create a Logo option.


What are the Terms of Service?

Please click here to view the full list of Terms of Service https://leiroprint.co.uk/terms-and-conditions

What are the terms of the royalty-free license for the content created on LeiroPrint?

The Adobe InDesign template documents including fonts and images are covered by a 5-seat license for the user. This means it can be shared with four other colleagues at the user’s location. The images which are included are cropped to the size that has been selected in the LeiroPrint design. The Adobe InDesign files themselves, images or fonts may not be offered for resale or distribution to third parties. Copyright law prevents this. Please click here to view the full End User Licensing Agreement. Adobe InDesign documents are available to the user to modify on multiple projects. Users may make PDFs from the Adobe InDesign documents and pass those on to their clients and service providers for infinite use. The clients may only use those PDF documents "as is" and are not allowed to edit and create new versions. If you"re unsure about PDFs and Adobe InDesign formats, read some of the questions above.

Do LeiroPrint own all of the products offered on the store?

With the exception of any images, material or logos you upload, LeiroPrint either owns or licenses all of the products on the store, so LeiroPrint is able to license these to you. All images that contain models have the necessary releases for use in LeiroPrint products. These Licenses and Releases are retained by LeiroPrint or its Licensors. Except for what is allowed by the End User License Agreement, you cannot copy, download or distribute any content or portion of site.

Can I get exclusive access to a LeiroPrint document or logo?

LeiroPrint can’t offer exclusivity on a particular design or logo, but by personalising a design to your business needs, you effectively make it unique. And there are hundreds of thousands of LeiroPrint designs to start with.

Is the design mine to own once I buy it?

Legal ownership is yours on full payment by you and when delivered to independent courier for shipping to you in the case of printed products. All other products and services are licensed to you under a Royalty Free License which allows you to reuse the products/services as often as you wish. Adobe InDesign documents are only available for reuse, not for resale. It’s part of the license.

How often can I use the Adobe InDesign documents I’ve licensed?

You can publish and print from a licensed LeiroPrint PDF or Adobe InDesign document an infinite number of times without any extra costs, within the terms of your license, of course.

Can I resell a Adobe InDesign document?

No. Adobe InDesign documents are only available for reuse, not for resale. It’s part of the license terms and conditions of use.

When I license an Adobe InDesign document, do I automatically get the fonts and images that are used?

No. These font and image packs can often be covered by separate copyright licenses, so we can only offer them as optional extras. They vary in price according to the number of fonts and images included. These licence costs do not apply to PDFs which are printed by LeiroPrint. That’s the benefit of Leiroprint – there are no hidden extras in the quoted print cost.

Can I trademark a logo I"ve created using LeiroPrint Create a Logo?

LeiroPrint can"t offer exclusivity on a particular design or logo. This is provided on a non-exclusive basis. You are not allowed to seek a trademark on any logo you create with our Create a Logo software. It is your responsibility to ensure any logo you create on our store does not infringe the rights of anyone else. This protects your own logos and trademarks too, of course.


What happens if I print a LeiroPrint document or order printed copies of my design and I’m not happy with the result?

LeiroPrint is committed to the supply of quality print products. If however, you are not satisfied with the quality of what you purchase from us, subject to the quality being different to that described on our store, please contact LeiroPrint Customer Care within 30 days of your receipt of the goods and if liable, we will refund you the purchase price, excluding processing and shipping costs.

We are fully committed to customer satisfaction but as the product you have ordered is personalised according to your request, there are circumstances where we cannot refund the purchase cost. For further details, please see our Returns Policy. Alternatively, a member of the Customer Care team will be able to help you. This may include requesting you to submit a sample of the product you purchased. Where LeiroPrint are responsible, we will refund you in the same form of payment you originally used for purchase within 14 business days of our notifying you that a refund shall be made.

What if my printed PDF looks different to what I"ve seen on my screen?

If photos or other images usually look correct on your screen compared to when they"re printed, there really shouldn’t be any significant variation because PDFs are an accurate print format. However, if you are viewing your design on an uncalibrated colour monitors, the colours may look different between the PDF document and the printed result. LeiroPrint therefore can not be held responsible if uncalibrated colour monitors are used to evaluate colour accuracy.

Once I have my PDF, what do I do with it?

Your finished PDF may be printed on your own high-spec digital printer or given to another professional print company for printing.

If I have any other questions, how do I contact you?

If you have any other questions we would be pleased to help if you telephone our Customer Care team between the hours of 09:00-1800 GMT Monday-Friday on:
Freephone Customer Care Number: 0800 152 2716

Alternatively, if you have a query outside of these hours please email us at or call us on the Freephone telephone number above, leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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