Full Colour Letterhead Printing – The Use Of Colour

Full colour letterhead printing is advisable if you are considering investing in custom letterheads. Nevertheless, knowing how to use colour is vital before you send your design off to a letterhead printing company. You want to maintain an air of professionalism while also ensuring your letterhead online printing service makes an impact.

Getting the balance of colour right is imperative when it comes to any printed product. Dealing with a letterhead can be slightly different however, as a letterhead is more of a structure than actual content. So can you be liberal with colour, or should you limit the amount you use? The latter is recommended. There is nothing wrong with using bright and eye-catching colours, but don’t go overboard. If you do, you are going to detract from the professional aspect of the letterhead, which is what this is all about. Instead, use subtle splashes of colour and team them with a neutral colour to create a sleek and sophisticated design. You also need to be mindful of the colours that are included in your logo, website, and printed materials at present. It is vital to be consistent. The whole point of a letterhead is to boost your brand awareness. This is not going to happen if you decide to use different colours. Instead, everything needs to be in line. This does not mean your letterhead has to be boring and bland – you want it to grab the viewer’s attention, but it needs to do so in a professional manner.

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