Letterheads Printing – Expert Advice For Designing An Effective Letterhead

Letterheads printing is a great way to increase brand awareness and boost your corporate identity. It can inspire a sense of professionalism, confidence and trust. But this is only going to be the case if you design your letterhead with care. Read on to discover some expert tips on letterhead online printing to help you get started.

One of the most important design principles when it comes to letterheads is to keep it simple. You need to remember that a letterhead is not content itself; rather it is a delivery mechanism. It is designed to be a supporting structure for the details that are going to be written or printed on it. Therefore, while it is vital that your letterhead printing looks professional and impressive, it should also be simple. In addition to this, you should create a hierarchy in your design. In other words, you need to decide what pieces of information you are going to include and then you must order them in terms of the importance of the information. This will make the letterhead appear more professional and easier to follow. You also need to make sure your letterhead is a representation of your brand; it should include your house-style font, colour scheme, and of course, your logo. If you go for a different font and colours, you are simply going to be confusing your customers and diluting your brand identity. Don’t go overboard on colour; use it sparingly. Finally, consider the alignment and positioning of your letterhead carefully. Everything needs to be balanced.

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