Printing Presentation Folder – Design Errors To Avoid

Printing presentation folder – is this something you need to do? Maybe you need a folder to include all of your documents for an important meeting or you want to give out folders with marketing materials at a trade show event. Whatever the circumstances, the importance of an effective design cannot be overlooked. With that being said, read on to discover common mistakes in presentation folder online printing and designing to avoid.

The biggest mistake you can make is using a plain folder. A folder is not just a place to store documents; it is a marketing platform. You need to use it to brand your business to full effect. Another common error is including too much text on the folder. There are several issues associated with this. Firstly, your folder will not stand out; and secondly, you are at risk of the folder becoming outdated if you include too much information. A lot of people also make the blunder of going for a design that is too busy. This has a similar impact; your customers won’t know where to look and this can dilute the effectiveness of the folder. You need something that is bold, eye-catching and professional. It needs to stand out. Using a poor quality template is another error people fall foul of. When it comes to presentation folder printing templates, you need to be mindful of the trim area, document bleed and the live area. This is why it is always a good idea to use designs that have been provided by the printing company you have selected.

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